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Membership of CIPGE

How to join CIPGE

The membership procedure takes place in three stages as follows :



Send your membership request to the  CIPGE President and then receive a pre-registration form to complete.


File study

Return your completed pre-registration form for review by the CIPGE Executive Council.


Membership validation

You will receive by mail a confirmation of membership as well as the amount of your membership fees.


As a new member, the following documents will be useful to you in your registration process

CIPGE Pre-registration form CIPGE code of etics CIPGE statutes


Terms of membership
Why join CIPGE?
  1. Be part of a network, a force for progress at the service of VSEs, SEs, MEs, Start-ups and the economy.
  2. Benefit from support in the event of a dispute with the Administration or other stakeholders.
  3. Benefit from and participate in collective and concerted actions to resolve specific or structuring difficulties in the business environment in Cameroon and in particular of VSEs, SEs, MEs and Start-ups.
  4. Interact with your peers, customers, suppliers, partners to expand your business and lobbying network.
  5. Benefit from personalized and cutting-edge services (information, training, support, arbitration, etc.) developed by a pool of experts for the benefit of VSEs, SEs, MEs and start-ups.
  6. Share your ideas and access solutions more suited to your expectations.
  7. Unite your capabilities with the strength of member companies and groups in order to improve business conditions and performance.
  8. Contribute to better promotion of the role of VSEs, SEs, MEs and start-ups in economic development.
  9. Participate in the economic promotion of Cameroon, by integrating yourself into this new multipolar world.
  10. Participate in the promotion of integration and subregional and international economic development.
  11. Support economic missions and facilitate North-South and South-South cooperation.
Terms of CIPGE membership
  1. Be a VSE, SE, ME or start-up in the informal or formal sector ;
  2. Be an expert or a project leader ;
  3. Pay your membership fees ;
  4. Commit to paying your contributions regularly ;
  5. Undertake to comply with the statutes and internal regulations of GIPEC ;
  6. Commit to the automation of women and young people ;
  7. Commit to a development program.