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Inter Professionnal
Group of Entrepreneurs

We bring together enterprises of the TPE, SE, ME, Start-up, and craft enterprise categories in order to support them in terms of promotion, development and migration of their activities from the informal sector to the formal sector.



Dear members,

Nine (09) months have passed since the restructuring of CIPGE on August 10, 2019. Time seems to accelerate and, in the frenzy of this race towards the achievement of our objectives and the maturation of our ambitions, we owe it to ourselves to set our benchmarks in order, at any time, to assess the progress made and take up new challenges.

Let us remember that in September 2003, we set the course for the development of a technical and financial support strategy for the development of VSEs, PEs and Craft Enterprises through the GIC AFATEX INTERNATIONAL. The efforts made over the past 16 years by the vast majority of entrepreneurs who have joined this project have been rewarded by the reform of GIC AFATEX INTERNATIONAL into the Interprofessional Group of Entrepreneurs of Cameroon.

Today, the dynamic of CIPGE has established itself as an essential and indispensable tool at the service of entrepreneurs, by allowing them not to be left alone, but to benefit from expert advice, individual interviews and a network of more than 400 private and professional members to help them bring their business project to reality.

In this drive to support entrepreneurs, CIPGE has great importance to female entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship. Indeed, through many initiatives, it is possible for women and young people to use their skills and entrepreneurial cultures in order to become financially empowered in order to prevent and fight social exclusion.

As you can see, this is a vast and ambitious program which cannot be achieved without a policy of supervision by state, financial, social and international partners. That is why tireless efforts are being made within GIPEC to constantly seek out human and financial resources, which will further strengthen CIPGE’s reputation with public authorities and international institutions.

Dear members, I urge you to continue in innovation, imagination and perseverance in the pursuit of our goals, and to all those who have not yet joined the movement, the opportunity is given to you through our platform.


The President

Jacqueline TIENTCHEU

Lever for industrialization at the heart of the Cameroonian economy

Through the various partnerships, CIPGE aims to set up a support system made up of financial and non-financial services, led by a center of competent and experienced experts.

CIPGE Membeship

How to join CIPGE?

The membership procedure takes place in three stages as follows :



Send your membership request to the CIPGE President and then receive a pre-registration form to complete.


File study

Return your completed pre-registration form for review by the CIPGE Executive Council.


Membership validation

You will receive by mail a confirmation of membership as well as the amount of your membership fees.


Ils apportent

In order to best meet the needs of our beneficiary structures, we have developed numerous partnerships. Discover the richness and diversity of these actors here :